TENDERwrap® - thermal Insulation

Times Fiberfill brings to you a new age insulation product – "TENDERwrap®" – GREEN INSULATION   TENDERwrap® is a fit and forget type insulation material. TENDERwrap® is lightweight and with higher air – entrapment allowed by the manufacturing process, requires, less thickness of the insulate compared to other available products.   Tender - wrap is non-toxic to human and animals, odorless, completely recyclable, has tiny carbon foot-print to manufacture, maintenance free, reduces your insulation cost to a fraction and does not require any special skill to handle and install. "TENDERwrap®" - DUCT INSULATION - is light Weight, flexible, thermal insulation material manufactured from FR POLYESTER with fire resistant foil laminate. The material is delivered in ready to fix roll forms and can be installed simply by adhesive tape. TENDERwrap® is used for external insulation of "HVAC SHEET-METAL DUCT WORK" -. It provides NOISE & THERMAL INSULATION for the ducting. It acts as "MOISTURE BARRIER" preventing condensation on cold air system thus preventing corrosion.


  • TENDERwrap® is designed to be easy to install.
  • A 150mm overlap of foil provided on one side of the roll for simple and quick joining with standard foil - tapes.
  • No rubber – based bituminous adhesive compound is necessary as it can be directly mounted on the duct. No tie – straps are necessary. The material can be stuck on with adhesive tape.
  • The wrapping must be fully sealed to prevent moisture ingress.
  • It must be filled without gaps around ducting, edge to be overlapped & sealed with tape.

Flame retardancy:

  • TENDERwrap® is flame retardant and will not ignite spontaneously.
  • The material is certified FR – grade from premier research and testing lab. The LOI value [the measurement of flammability] is as high as 28.

Moisture absorbency:

  • No separate vapor – barrier is required as it is non – permeable to moisture. The ingredients are hydrophobic in nature.
  • TENDERwrap® comes to you with its own inbuilt vapor – barrier and aluminum laminate.

Technical specification

Tenderwrap®- Thermal insulation material Tenderwrap can be disposed easily as it is made up of 100% recyclable materials.

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General Application instructions :  
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