• Times Fiberfill is a family-centric, women-operated enterprise. Our company has a workforce of women from villages in the region who are given training and support at no cost to themselves, enabling them to contribute significantly to the family income. We are proud to be able to incorporate our vision of corporate responsibility in our manufacturing chain for articles of daily need using certified organic fabrics, while maintaining our commitment to international standards in quality. We intend to share a part of the profitability generated out of this business among all the work force, which is unheard and rare in this category of business.
  • We have our own charitable trust in the name and fashion of K.D.MALL Charitable trust which provides need based assistance in the spheres of health and education, to the economically backward members of the Times’ family.
  • Our respect for the nature is evident from our organic practices, especially in Home furnishing products manufacturing. We use 100% organic products and follow the strictly-organic process standards, in our manufacturing procedure.
    Even in the field of technical textile we are also into recycling which thereby reduces the plastic consumption and adds to our bit of paying back to the nature.