Geofill® - Nonwoven Geobags

Geofill® - Nonwoven geobags are made of polyester or polypropylene staple fibres. They are made as per customer specifications and are built to address extreme weather conditions and perform in the most adverse environment.   Nonwoven Geobags are used to quell the problem of soil erosion in river banks and coastal areas all over the world. They are a tried and tested solution for soil erosion which is affecting countries across the globe.   Geofill® bags are made from needle-punched fabrics and are stitched with the highest quality threads and in a a pattern which allows the bag to withstand the forces of the sea or river. SPECIFICATIONS : GEOFILL - PET BAG geo bag soil erosion Coastal soil erosion prevention
geo bag soil erosion

geobag from times fibrefill

Coastal soil erosion prevention

geobag application india